Batteries in Grafton

More and more homeowners and professional landscapers are choosing STIHL battery powered products when they want to invest in power tools. While some still prefer to invest in power tools that you plug into an outlet, many are realising that battery powered tools are incredibly convenient and flexible to use.

STIHL has a battery powered garden tool for every task. These tools deliver petrol-like performance without any of the harmful emissions or being tied down to a power outlet.
They are also light, quiet, require no fuel, need less maintenance and are easy to operate. All it takes is a simple press of the button and you are ready to go! Whether it is a lawnmower, brushcutter or another tool, there are incredible battery-powered machines available from STIHL.
Stihl Shop Battery — Gardening Equipment in Grafton, NSW
The company’s brushless electric motors are powered by STIHL lithium-Ion batteries which are powerful, quick to charge and deliver longer run times. If you are hoping to invest in a power tool that will last a long time and give you a good charge on each use, STIHL is the brand to buy. Their batteries are also compatible with other brands’ tools, depending on the make and model.

STIHL Lithium-Ion Batteries

STIHL has understood for many years that battery is the future of lawn care. That’s why the company is leading the way when it comes to battery technology. It has a line of equipment that does not use any gasoline or require connection to a power outlet. These tools are entirely battery operated, provide great charge times and will last many years without degradation.

STIHL custom-engineers its batteries to include advanced features, such as an LED charge indicator light, voltage monitors for safety and temperature sensors that prolong battery life. STIHL is one of the few battery-powered garden tool manufacturers that can promise over 80 per cent battery capacity after 500 charges!

It means that you are getting many, many years of use out of these products, especially if they are being used for weekly or twice a month gardening work. There are some interesting facts about STIHL battery equipment that you might find useful before you make a purchasing decision:
  • Environmentally responsible & high-performance
  • No fuel costs
  • No cords, no emissions & no gas smell
  • Instant startup
  • Quieter operation, which is ideal for residential areas
  • No gradual power loss
  • Long service life
  • Temperature & other factors are monitored to ensure the battery is kept in ideal conditions
  • Intelligent circuit board exchanges for charging & use
Those who are hoping to invest in a STIHL battery powered device or wish to purchase a replacement STIHL lithium-ion battery have come to the right place. Come by our shop in Grafton to invest in a STIHL battery-powered tool or a STIHL battery for your machine.